I had times when,

I cried on the dead bodies,

the dead bodies of desires

My heart raced faster than ever,

every time I lost a thing or person


I had times when,

My pain was deep and real,

I narrated least of my stories

for I knew no body would get,

there was no one who stood by me


I had times when,

I grew older and cynical with,

heart bleeding, soul aching,

life losing and time passing

I became a pessimistic loner


Then I had times when,

I realized there was a light,

in the dark, at the end of tunnel

every time I wiped my own tears,

and consoled with my own soul


I had times when,

I bandaged my own heart,

every time a person left or,

a dream of mine broke

there was an unsaid partner,


I had times when,

I felt there was a thing to be alive

like a shadow it was always there,

That kept me alive and going

What name should I give it?


I had times when,

Life struggles seemed to be rewarded

I pondered about the thing,

the name, what can it possibly be?

I was deeply grateful to be alive


I had times when

I realized after all the way through,

struggle, losses and despair

Thing that brought, hope, light and life

Of course it was Faith.


By Akasious

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