Complete Book Lone Wolf Till Last Breath by Akasious

Back CoverLone wolf till last breath complete book pdf download

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“Every time I love, I lose what if I start loving my life? Will I lose it too?”

_Aneeqa Haider

Since birth, nothing in her life was in order. Fate always chose destruction for her and what she chose for herself was survival. She survived the death of her loved ones and chose life many times but what she chose in the end literally killed optimism in someone. There are victors, survivors, and losers in this story read and choose your favorite but beware all survivors are not necessarily the real survivors as they appear to be neither all those who apparently lost courage are losers. At the end of the day there is something that everyone gets, sometimes they get survival, sometimes lifelong lessons and sometimes Death but the point is they all pay heavy prices to meet their ends.


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Stay Blessed every one




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