Debating Federalism Model CCI 2018

Everyone has events and days in life that are important and worth missing. I too have many but recently in February 2018, I attended a National level debate competition. That was organized by the Hans Seidel Foundation. A foundation that works in services of peace, development and humanity and it is doing a pretty good job. Like it was a two-year project, students were selected from university level where forty students competed and five from each university competed at the provincial level then eight students from each province were called for a national level debate competition. It was based on Model CCI. Fortunately, I happened to reach the national level.

At National level four different groups debated on different topics on the pattern of model CCI we all were assigned designations according to which I was the Prime minister at the National level, Provincial Minister Sindh at Provincial level while I was the federal minister at University level.

What I am trying to share with you people is the real experience, learning and a new perspective that I got while observing Senate, its environment, its session, while visiting Gali E dastoor in the Senate and while enjoying the great work in Senate Museum. It was my first ever experience at the Senate and I literally had a great time there but what I learnt and loved was the forty students from all over Pakistan. All pure Pakistanis, all youthful, all having aspirations to do great things and all loving each other all combined were speaking about Pakistan putting back the differences in each other’s culture, language and customs. All were trying to convince each other while debate and all were having valid arguments to talk about the core issues like,

Women Empowerment



Natural Resources

It was a three day trip to Islamabad planned by Hans Seidel Foundation Pakistan which is working to promote federalism and it would be inequitable if I don’t tell out loud everyone that what I gained by it apart from memories and personal experiences like I got some really good friends but I won’t discuss it here.

The whole session went as under

The first day, we had the debate in the Senate conference hall on 20th February

The second day, we had lunch with chairman Senate Raza Rabbani Khar

The third day, we visited PIPS (Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services)

What I learnt:

What I learnt was federalism is necessary for Pakistan to grow as a state having different culture and languages in all four provinces. To save it from any further breakage, or damage like the Dhaka fall. Federalism helps by managing the interests of provinces. It divides the resources budget and according to the 18th amendment, it allows the provinces to do the best for the people.

There a few institutes like, HEC and WAPDA that work under federation while the rights have been transferred to the provinces to do what they find better according to the 18th amendment.

I realized that all the issues are not as easy to overcome practically as they are easy to talk about. The way we all find ourselves political leaders at some point in our lives where feel like suggesting the government that how it can run the state properly and how can it devise ways and means to resolve the issues of the country but if we see it on practical grounds if all the provinces sit with the federation and talk about the issues then it’s really, really difficult to resolve the basic problems like health, education, natural resources and women empowerment.

When chairman Senate Raza Rabbani addressed us at times his voice raised with so much patriotism while addressing the core issues that I felt we common people often tend to judge politicians and senators negatively while in reality, they do have some humanity and some patriotism too. They just are unable to resolve all the issues of the country because it’s not all the time in their hands often the seemingly easy solutions to the big issues are only theoretical and can’t be applied practically while other times there are other issues in the road to the application of the issues.

In the image below there all the forty students with chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani:


Personal Experience and memories:

On the 21st February 2018, we also visited the Senate museum that was something really beautiful and worth admiring inside the huge building of the Senate of Pakistan.

Below are some beautiful pictures I took during my visit to the museum:

20180221_141855Map of Pakistan









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Lol, do you think they are real? Well, I too thought the same even when I saw those statues right in front of me and in the picture they look more real hats off to the Pakistani artists.





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Constitution 1973


Gali E Dastoor (Road to the constitution)

The beauty of Gali e dastoor is that it is beautifully crafted containing historical Newspaper cuttings and other pictures. The colourful portion of Gali e dastoor represents democratic era while the black portion represents dictatorship which is a message to the world that Pakistan and its people love democracy and want it stronger and better in the country. It implies that Pakistan would progress with democracy and federalism and federalism. Pakistan is no doubt a peace-loving country and it seems that it would promote its peace-loving ideology in the world by the talented people it has around the globe and by its army that stands by the side to eradicate terrorism in the country and it takes all the measures to promote peace in the region.

Enjoy the beautiful art in Gali E dastoor below:



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From my personal Diary

His sacrifices are something that I and my siblings as his generation are having a better and more promising future. So, while I was visiting Gali E dastoor his soul might be happy somewhere above the heavens. It might be an ordinary thing for many participants there but for me, it’s an honour for neither I nor any of my family members had ever been to the parliament of Pakistan before.



At Pakistan Institute of parliamentary services

In the end, I’d like to thank the Hans Seidel foundation Pakistan which provided us with this great opportunity to explore, learn and remember.

It was the most memorable three days of my life where I met people from all parts of Pakistan and made friends thank you to all of you for still being in contact. I couldn’t provide you with everything but I just wanted to share little of my experience with my readers. There was much more, that we learnt maybe I’d share some other day.


Some memorable pieces were given by Hanns Seidel foundation Pakistan

Stay Blessed everyone.





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