Ice is Black

I always say that I am in search of black ice. I keep saying that ice is black and I keep talking about something called ‘black ice’. I say the thing I love the most in the world is black ice but I am not that insane as you are thinking right now.

Just as you all demamd truth but can’t stand its bitterness when it is told. You feel bad about it when truth takes off the ‘invisible cloack’ and comes infront of you with all the bitterness inside? Still the fact is we all demand truth despite its bitterness right? ‘The fact’ the facts are always cruel and ruthless aren’t they? Like you keep striving for things you want all through your life and the fact is whether you get it or not everyone dies anyway and its cruel, its ruthless isn’t it? Still the fact is we all ignore facts.

Let’s say, we all admit the fact called death, do we stop lamenting over our worldly losses and so called dilemmas? Do we forget what changed us? Do we stop missing the one we lost? No, we would never leave our ‘what ifs’ our dilemmas, our tragedies despite admitting the fact that we all are going to end up into nothingness anyway.
Reality is harsh, Truth is bitter and Facts are cruel. So is the ice its black to me, not color less. Once I told my bestie that the day when I would find something really differently awesome, some deep feeling of satisfaction that I won’t be able to express, I would call it black ice.

Today, my level of satisfaction is so high, my happiness is so deep, my gratitude for having life and all the blessings is so big that I feel like I am very close to black ice. I know the days when I cried and prayed for death and I know the days when I cried and I prayed for life when I saw it ebbing away into nothingness when I saw myself losing it I demanded life, I prayed for it.

Now today If anyone hates his/her life no matter how worst and hard it is I smile at their insanity and silently wish for them ‘to grow up soon’. I value it the most today. Its the most precious asset of mine to be grateful for. I am Very very close to black ice I know. So I wanna tell already that it exists, that ice is black, that dreams do come true…!

Love From,



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