Befriend yourself By AKasious

Let me take you somewhere today where there is no lie, and no tumult about what you did, and what you should have done. Somewhere, where there is no deep turmoil of scattered what ifs. You might be wondering now, where am I going to take you? Is it? Yes? No? Okay, whatever your inside replies I hope it won’t be disappointing if I tell you that I am going to give you a deep insight to ‘SELF’, to a war-free brain and a delightful heart.

What if you own all these three things? Won’t your life be turned to a heaven? But where would you get those? That’s the important question. Ever visited a place called self? Ever visited your Cimmerian heart? Ever went for a long drive inside your brain? No? Okay, let’s visit today. Let me laugh first if you are thinking I am going to visit with you. Sorry for being rude but its, your mess, go and clean it yourself moreover outsiders are never allowed to your, self and wait! If outsiders are not allowed there then who is the real culprit behind all this mess?

You are smiling because you know it’s you. Just take the step and go inside yourself today and see what’s going wrong there and find out why? but let me be your online travel guide to inner peace. Would you allow me? Thank you.

Dance when you are broken open

Dance, if you have torn the bandage off

Dance in your blood

Dance when you are perfectly free


Once you would enter your brain you would realize that apart from neuroscience brain is much more if you go inside it and ask it “hey! You war lover stop being engaged in the battle of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ and let me live” no war ends peacefully if it’s not stopped it’s going to kill you into absolute nothingness and you would ebb away drop by drop without getting anything fruitful.

God gave us life and left it upon us to make a garden from it or a ruin. They say there is luck and different circumstances right? But you know what we fail to notice is we all are given bright days under the Sun giving us hope every day as the Sun rises and we all are provided with dark, peaceful nights where those who want to do wonders in the world stay awake and make their messy life go way better and we all are provided with capabilities and talent to do what others can’t do and still we chose to live with the self-made hell of regrets, what ifs and losses followed by anxiety and depression.

Why? Aren’t we being highly ungrateful and unjust while doing this to ourselves? I understand the reasons that once ruined your life, that really made it hard to breathe but the fact is that’s neither your past nor your present that is hard on you it’s you yourself who is hard on you. Your real tragedy is not that particular what if, it’s your behaviour towards that what if. Your war is not with the world and with the people who discourage you every day it’s actually the war within that you are supposed to win first.

Beat your demons, Plant some greenery in your Cimmerian heart, and most importantly sit on the door of thoughts like a watchman and see what thoughts are coming and why? And what thoughts are going and why? Because once you secure your brain from negativity you would realize it was not a war within it was just an illusion, a nightmare that you broke after investigating the incoming thoughts like a responsible watchman.

To be honest that’s my own real experience with life because I myself won the battle with those three simple steps.

1. I started identifying my demons and I beat them hard with no mercy because I believe it’s not bad to think about your own good at times.

2. I planted some greenery in my heart that was long been subverted and I again blessed it with delight and positive vibes. I myself was the one who subverted it and I realized I was the sole benefactor of mine in the long run.

3. I asked myself to be a watchman for the thoughts that come and go from my brain and that deep observation blessed me with gratitude and self-satisfaction towards life.

And while following these steps I forgot if there was any battle or not about which I used to think as a never-ending war. Try this, you won’t be disappointed I promise but be loyal to yourself while doing this and remember most loyal people around you would be hard with you at times just for your own good. Be that kind of loyal. Befriend yourself.

Stay Blessed whoever is reading it.

Love from,


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