Turtles All The Way Down


So, here after some NEWS and hot topic discussion, I am back with a book review. People say reviewing books, writing articles, poems and fiction stuff suits me more than blabbering about whats going on in the world and though I too like writing that stuff more than discussing politics and terrorism and bloodshed but deep inside I am a human who has got opinion about things like that too so I keep sharing other stuff. Anyways let’s talk about turtles all the way down. Are you up to it? Terrific! If you are interested in TATWD and are confused whether to grab it for reading or not then there is no second opinion go have it, buy some popcorn and a cold drink and enjoy the beautiful story that takes you into it within few pages.

The title of the book is really different. Its simple “turtles all the way down” you don’t get what does it mean? I was also looking for the answer that why this title until I reached a point in the book where writer reveals the interesting story and handed the answer to my curie but I won’t tell you that short story where the answer lies because it would end your thirst for reading it but to answer your question “why should I read it?” I would say in simple wording because it deserves a read. You get involved in the story, in the plot, in the idea, in its seemingly simple but really thought-provoking wording, the teens’ love and the end leaves you in love with the book.

If you get irritated by the phobic people who are having so many thoughts going in their head at one time than this would irritate you at times because the writer wrote their situation quite honestly taking Aza Holmsey as a central character and manifesting how she feels, and how it is like to live with the ongoing thoughts in your head all the time but I am not that type to get irritated by such stuff so, I deeply appreciate the writer for writing such a piece of writing that convinces you to feel the situation of those people who are seemingly healthy but have got a phobic brain the is all ovetrwhelmed with thoughts which don’t allow one to live normally.

Verdict: 8/10

The rest two are for those who don’t find the story convincing enough to read due to Aza’s behaviour but otherwise, it fulfils the demand of the theme and the idea is really really appreciatable. I loved it.

Note: Sorry for not writing those formal reviews where everything about the book is narrated and the suspense and urge to read is spoiled. I just focus on the verdict and “why should I read it?” stuff instead of narrating the summary of the whole story. I hope you like my way of reviewing.

Stay Blessed whoever is reading it.

Love from,



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