Book Review (the Secret HERO)


By: Rhonda Byrne

A kind of book that as I hold it in my hands the grip unintentionally gets tight, and unknowingly a wave of motivation, inspiration and urge to do something really great pass by the reader. It leaves you alone to think about your powers, the one great power which is in every one that is “will Power” very easy to utter very hard to discover with in you.
Hero is not a story of a particular person it contains seemingly impossible stories of twelve existing people in the world but in reality they all made their mark in the world I conclude the book as stories of twelve to make a really incredible new story and that story will be of the hero who is none other than that one person who is reading that outstanding assemblage of twelve different stories in a single cover named as Hero at a particular moment.
The subjectmatter of this majuscule piece of writing is exceedingly uncomplicated for those who have a desideratum to incite a paladin who resides with in them while on the other hand it is a complicated message for those, customary kind of multitude who consider issues and minor problems first and the positive consequences of taking a particular step later.
As I set out to peruse this magnific writing I found it kinda ho-hum because of its narration that is not fiction but being boring non-fiction it still appeals you to keep going. It appeals a person with suspense and respite to go on reading it for pleasure and quiescence but as I went forward I discovered the clandestine content of the book which holds the reality which is quite uncovered in the world to become remarkable but this already revealed substantiality requires a special urge to see it and a peculiar behavior to light upon it.
Those ostensibly impossible twelve stories mentioned in the book are sufficient to conquer the impossibles in ones life.
The names mentioned in the book like Liz Murray, who was born to addicted parrents, grew up in poverty but fulfilled her dream to attend the Harvard University and is one of the best selling author and most sought-after motivational speakers in the world
Like wise the other great beings include G.M Rao, Larid Hamilton,Anastasia Soare ,Paul Orfalea , Peter Burwash , Mastin Kipp ,Pete Carrol ,Michael Action Smith ,Layne Beachely , John Paul Dejoria and Peter Foyo . All of them took a step from being nothing to someone the existence of whom started affecting many lives in the world.
What Rhonda Byrne exactly did for the reader by writing Hero is to succor him to figure out the hero that resides with in him.The way to introduce you to you in Hero is so imploring that as one reaches to the fourth part of Hero that is named as victory one has discovered something extraordinary in oneself, something to be greatful for the existing blessings and to go ahead for something really great to accomplish. One realizes a fact as the book commences that “I was not born to be ordinary if those twelve can, why can’t I?”
In my perspective Rhonda Byrne has literally accomplished her ideology to make the reader feel motivated with a desire to do something as she says “This is the story about why you are here on planet Earth” because no doubt it reveals the hidden secret and all the unanswered questions you need to know to become a hero.
More over Rhonda Byrne’s field of resesrch is also not limited in Hero to a particular religion, cast, color, creed, or nation. When it comes to give references, to quote examples and to cite golden words she is so secular that she do not restrains writing Hadiths by Prophet P.B.U.H and citing verses of The holy book Koran and being a muslim this is the most appealing thing that allow me to appreciate the motivational words of Rhonda Byrne in Hero. In all respects this book appeals every one, every human. I will summarize it as a must read piece of writing for youngsters who need a right direction to set their inner fire for a constructive purpose.

By AKasious


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