Role of pharmacist (A controversy to be addressed)

To all dear fellow pharmacists out there,
Its right to ask for rights that’s what our basic need. After five years of professional study, we really deserve better opportunities than what we actually have but, its really not right to compare yourself to other professions. It’s like feminists asking for rights for women ignoring the fact that women have their own identity while men have their own and what women can do, men can’t similarly stop comparing yourself to MBBS doctors because what you can do they can’t and what they can do you can’t you have your own identity and they have their own. Society needs us because we know about drugs, we know their origin, pharmacodynamic, their kinetics, contraindications and adverse effects, dose calculations and the list goes on and that’s where the difference lies you have your own identity you are not supposed to merge it with some other profession. Respect them for what they can do and get respect for what you can do.
A civil engineer never compares himself with the electrical engineer because he has not studied for that and those are two different professions although both are engineers.
Similarly, a pharmacist has studied for drugs and he knows the manufacturing, the available strengths, pharmacoeconomic, management, the generic, the brand and much more what they are not supposed to study so be proud to be what you are.
Lastly, if you come across this statement that you are not a doctor then yeah, certainly of the kind what they are but like Ph.D. is the doctor of philosophy your degree pharm D indicates the doctor of pharmacy so next time if they tell you you are not what they are, tell them we both are doctors but I don’t know dissection like you do and you don’t know drugs the way I know and to your dismay we both have got a role in the community which is related to health with different specializations.
Lastly, to all the ignorants out there no matter if you are highly qualified or not, if you don’t accept our role I feel pity for your insufficient knowledge. 🙂

It’s my personal ideas so if you agree terrific. You can copy paste if you strongly agree and if you don’t I can’t give you a better explanation. Stay blessed.

Regards, AKasious



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