When nothing is in favor♥

When nothing is in favor

Then every lost dream contains a savor

You find nothing arround but ravage

Everyone you loved becomes a savage

You fall and fall and fall apart

Untill there is nothing left in your cart

You find the rhythm lost in your heart

And in the world you fail to play your part.

There is nothing left in you but wrath

All you need is nothing but an easy death

The blood once used to drip has clot

Even the breeze that is cold touches you hot.

Then you find the truth revealed around

It was not in veil but clear in a certain bound

You smile, and smile and smile in the pain

Untill you find your head crowned.

No one got you worth appreceiating

but you knew how you lived,

And thats how you straighten your crown

Finding your survival worth applauding.

You know you won the war actually

Not, when the people admire you fully

but when you raised your head with no tear

Infront of yourself when you have no fear.

You are a victor, a winner, a survivor

For you are now all truth inside out,

you have no more guilt and pain in bout

You have accomplished the real bliss

You were at mistake to conquer the Earth

When you conquered yourself first,

You became the happiest being alive

Setting your mind free of the crazy drive.

You are a conqueror, if you let it all go

Its never too late as you say, “long time ago”

The regrets,the pointless sob and the guilt

That all is nothing, but to your soul its filth.

You are not going to stay always in Famine

Its up to you who determine,

How I deserve to be treated?

“Made for the best by He who created.”

By Akaaious


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