Words of a Failure.

Its no longer when I was young, ambitious and energetic when I had dreams which I used to live in every breath I used to take.

Life was all beautiful all set. I used to think I can do any thing and every thing I want. I used to say nothing is impossible. I was a firm believer of hardwork is the key to success but, then the reality hit me and my views changed. I came out of my land, land where I used to dream and laugh.

I realized no, its hard to meat the possibilities out of impossibilities, to generate the reality out of dreams, to love the facts and to smile. I realized it was never easy, only I was in a land of fantasy.

I realized hard work is not the only factor to success, its the belief, the intensity of passion in you and a considerable percentage of kismet makes an out put that is the fruit of all the patience, all the hard work and all the time I spent craving for that.

Reality is hard we need to accept it before going for a whole land of dreams. Dreams are so minor that they end as we open eyes. We need not to dream. All we need to do is to think of it, work at it, and go nail it. There is nothing like dreaming if you wanna ace it. Work on it, believe in yourself and have the joy of success.

I lost the dreams I wanted to have as a reality and people call me failure but, here what came out of those broken dreams is a writer who writes to inspire.

I not at all find my work disappointing on any site I write to inspire others because today if anything hurts me is seeing someone feeling depressed and disappointed for losing what they wanted to have.

You know what there is nothing like more strong than a broken person. A person with losses and broken dreams can do the wonders because you can’t be broken more, you have nothing to lose and lament any more and yes life is not easy for those who dream.

If you have begin dreaming don’t anticipate ease, stay prepared for hardships you will get through this all. I promise.

Warm regards,



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