This is Life

This is life that keeps changing but it will never cease,

All we earn is hardships but no ease.

This is life with burdens to carry,

All we desire for is a wonderland of berries.

This is life where often there is no stance,

All we have is nothing but a lost chance.

This is life that demands nothing but keep going,

All we do is lamenting and sobbing.

This is life that never stops for any one,

All we get is lessons after lesson to learn.

This is life with all its dsarkness and despair,

All we need to do is to forget and bear.

This is life having both the moments of crulity and care,

All we struggle for is happiness and love of our share.

This is life having no place for the tears and pain,

All we should do is ‘let it go’ and see the gain.

This is life it does not permit at all to cry out loud,

All we are ordered is to stay silent and see the crowd.

This is life……



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