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To all the humans out there who are a little interested in knowing AKasious as I came across a few messages from some lovely people out there and to those who keep questioning who is Akasious? So here is the detailed answer just penned by AKasious herself only for you and I am choosing WordPress to share it despite having the minimum number of my readers here but its the best option for a detailed post. So here it is. Believe me, I am not going to write my biography down here.

AKasious is just an emerging writer. Okay as I don’t find it good enough to praise my own self by telling you that I write here and there and how many works I’ve got published on various sites and blah blah blah because you can get that from Google also. It would tell you really better than me that on how many sites I am available and I am writing to interact with millions of people out there.

I am just looking forward to something really big but currently, I am pursuing a professional degree and right in the midst of it I am on the top of my dreams’ mountain where I have got really big goals. I have got some aspiring ideas and some weird opinions that are not always acceptable in the society.

If you follow AKasious and check poems and writings you would find a weak, fragile being who had a tough life but who made this far and aspires to touch even more heights the truth is not that though. For I don’t really have a tough life. I mean I do have challenges in life like everyone else but those challenges don’t fit on my definition of a tough life because I don’t belong to a poverty-stricken area, a conservative family, a territory that is disputed area, or a territory that is on war. So, in reality, I really don’t have any of it.

I don’t belong to Palestine or Indian occupied Kashmir where people are fighting for freedom and peace neither do I belong to Syria where troops are deployed to kill innocents nor do I belong to territories that are occupied by Taliban and people have a threat to their lives every other day. I don’t really belong to Hazara (A community in Pakistan) where many people have been killed mercilessly or any other forbidden community. I am neither of these and gratefully I should bow before the Lord of Lords who gave me this life with freedom, peace and opportunities around.

I indirectly took you to all the poor and downtrodden areas of the world where lives are miserable and where UNO has failed to play its role and that’s the central ideology that motivates me to write way meaningful and that is really the point of my concern. The whole Middle East. The American diplomacy and UN’s failure against all these things makes my heart to bleed but I don’t blame any religion, caste, colour or creed for that because all of them are humans and I don’t want to hurt anyone just because some of them are black sheeps and have got ideas and beliefs that are racist and religious but not at all humanitarian.

I also don’t want to hit any nation including the American nation because it too has got people who have humanity inside them but the state, the state of America, the government is something which has really been involved directly or indirectly for killing humans in the Middle East and feeding their people false facts that are really heart wrenching that really forces me to question that despite being at the top of those who are being killed right now in the world ‘The Muslims’ in Palestine, in Syria, in Pakistan (the APS Attack also many soldiers embraced martyrdom in war against terrorism) in Afghan war and against the Taliban Muslims still are labeled as terrorists why? Don’t they see they are paying the heaviest price, losing lives and being killed? I just can’t bear this hypocrisy of the world where it calls the victim, the culprit. So, I just set out to write my thoughts on this hypocrisy and I call it ‘ice is black’.

I want to write about this hypocrisy of the world, of the people and about those who could have done better with their lives only if the world had considered them a victim instead of the culprit.

I want to be the voice of that downtrodden woman who went through gender discrimination even if that discrimination was too little to be called an abuse it still changed her and is unable to share, I want to be the voice of those who wanted to do pretty good out of their lives but were killed in a strike on the Gaza border, I want to be the words of those who think out of the mainstream and who don’t sell their humanity in the name of their religion no matter if they are Christians, Muslims or Hindus.

I want to write about those who lived their lives for sake of humanity and died unknown. I want to write about those who died of depression and about those who survived the depression (see my Instagram for quotes and anti-depression stuff specifically), I want to write about those common people who worked really hard on life but at the end simply died of depression, committed suicide, about the facts regarding media and its role in our society, about the broken families in Europe where children suffer the most (Check my first ever E-book a novel, Lone wolf till last breath), I want to write about whatever I believe and that would not necessarily convince you to believe me but you would find me highly logical and well justified in my statements.

Like I believe that ‘ice is black’ You might call me insane and you might be right I am not contradicting you when you call me that but I hope that you also won’t contradict me when I would tell you that whenever a girl is rapped and killed, whenever an innocent child is murdered at some middle Eastern border and whenever a mother loses her young boy of merely twenty fighting for freedom and basic rights and you give a statement that is highly contaminated with racism, your own personal religious and national beliefs instead of humanity then let me call you insane and let me believe that ‘ice is black’ because if you want to be fed with lies merged with false facts than just believe it that ‘ice is black’ and I would prove it in my posts that I would keep making time to time.

Lastly, as currently I am writing on so many sites so I might not be regular but I would always love to hear from you no matter from wherever you belong and whatever beliefs you have even if its contradiction. You are welcome on every social media site where I write. I never thought that I would write this much because I started writing when I found it the best way to escape from the daily monotonous routine that involved boredom and fecklessness at times but now I am writing on purpose on every other site and that purpose is ‘Humanity’

I won’t tell who I am? What’s my religion? What’s my caste? and what’s my country over here where I am talking abount humanity out of all the borders of religion, caste, color and creed because it would literally ruin the purpose of my writings as my really lovely and honorable readers would try to link my words with who I am instead of thinking that I can just be a human with an ounce of humanity unlike many others out there. I’ve thoughts that have got no borders of caste, colour or creed. All my writings simply belong to humanity.

The Instagram link is given below only if you want to check rest of my work you can google it for you won’t find any other AKasious. https://www.instagram.com/akasious_writes/

Stay blessed whoever is reading it.

Love from,


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