16th December,2014

I stroll lonely in the alley full of blood

A place where salted water of tears,

and noise of blasts is all common

Where death is more usual than life itself

Smiling through pain is a pathetic struggle

Where children laugh without childhood

Where bullets make the loudest noise and children are their victims

They see death hugging them and yet they smile

Their wishes are as innocent as their bodies

but their hearts are as grown up as their courage

When little souls leave little bodies,

Death itself questions humanity.

The ice is Black//Akasious

it’s not just a figure, it’s a date that reminds me of blood, brutality and life loss. It reminds me of tears, crying mothers and brave little sons. It reminds me of blood stained school uniform, smell of ink and paper and little bodies drenched in blood.

Bleeding heart…
yearning-to-be-free soul…
Difficult breath…
Once-speaking-tongue, silent…
and yet a beautiful smile…
when all placed together are the most strength granting combination you will ever come across.


Sir, indeed this is an irremoveable and irreparable loss of our bad times, by the grace of Allah almighty today condition is better though. Despite the progress and control on terrorism today in our country we can still never, ever forget this loss.

Bullets and schools are as awful a combination as moon and sun together on the same sky. On 16th of December 2014 a history was written once again by the blood of little bodies.

Just imagine a bright day just like this full of beginings, hope, and wishes and just with a bang, or with a loud noise of a bullet everything ends up into absolute nothingness where all beginings suddenly fade away into endings, and where hope is suddenly replaced by fecklessness.

Those little souls were not supposed to leave the little bodies that day, those kids were supposed to rise and shine, they were supposed to make this land great but unfortunately those barbarians didn’t allow the dreams to turn into reality, they didn’t allow them to breathe because they were fearful of our kids.

The mere thought of the ideology behind this shameful act of targeting children and teachers in school makes a part of me feel proud that our enemy is afraid of children like us the only weapon we have is a pen, and they are afraid of it a part of  me is feeling proud while a part of me feels immensely grieved recalling the whole incidence.

Whenever you feel feckless just know that you are a great nation, know that we… me and you can respond to the bullets by our hard work, high spirits and determiation. We are no less a nation than anyone. We are not a falling state or a falling nation… We have faced the worst, black days and still we have the loudest voices to speak up for the cause thast is bigger, to stand up for the human rights, to write words that no one has ever read and to read and bring ideas that no one has ever heard about.

Today, I invite my enemies, enemies of this country Islamic republic of Pakistan and enemies of our kids to come and see do you see any ounce of fecklessness or fallen spirits, or eyes without dreams after doing all what they have done we are having spirits and dreams bigger than before and this is what makes me proud to be a Pakistani.

We don’t fear oceans of hurdles

We carry dreams bigger,

than our fragile bodies

We are a nation,

as big as our spirits

We don’t see barriers

We keep our eyes,

high above the sky.

We don’t fear change,

We are a nation rising,

from blood shed,

and murdered dreams

We are an iron nation

because the worst is what,

we have seen and

the best we know is,

yet to come.


Pakistan Zindabad

Thank you very much.